We want to give young people the opportunity to learn and develop through cricket, so we are setting up the Youth Advisory Board programme during 2023-2024. The programme will help young people aged 16 to 24 learn new skills and knowledge on topics that are important to them, like leadership, mental health and the fundamentals of coaching.

What is the Youth Advisory Board?

The purpose of the Chance to Shine Youth Advisory Board is to represent young people in the charity’s work. It is a board comprised of ten 16-24 year olds who advise the Charity on how best to make sure our work serves the needs of young people. Board members will learn about leadership, decision making, the process of running a charity and more, as well as shape the way in which Chance to Shine supports young people to play, learn and develop through cricket.

As a board member you will gain:

  • Introductions to sport for social change, leadership, mental health and coaching
  • Practical experience of how a charity is led and run

Opportunities for Youth Advisory Board Members

As a member of the Youth Advisory Board there will be a range of opportunities open to you, these include:

  • Volunteering at CTS Street National Competitions
  • Volunteering at CTS Fundraising Events
  • Taking part in the CTS Operations Team meetings
  • Helping to review the Street cricket programme
  • Apprenticeship/Employment Workshops
  • An invitation to T20 Blast and/or The Hundred games

Programme size: 10
Length of Programme: 12 months (approximately)
Who can apply: 16 – 24 years olds who are a UK resident

As a board member, we would also expect a minimum level of time commitment to participate in the programme. This would involve a commitment to attend a monthly online board meeting. 

Apply to Join the Youth Advisory Board

To apply you need to fill out a short form telling us a bit about who you are. If you are under 18, we also need a parent, care-giver or guardian to answer a few questions. You can submit an application either by filling out an online form here, or by downloading a form and following the step by step instructions below:

  1. Download an application form here
  2. Fill out the form to tell us a bit about who you are
  3. Email your completed application form to [email protected]

Please note, applications close on 31st January 2023. If you have any questions or would like to find out more please email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Youth Advisory Board free to join?

Yes. If you are selected to join a programme, there are no costs to you, as these are paid for by Chance to Shine.

Why are you testing the programme?

We created the Youth Advisory Board programme based on insights from young people, coaches and Chance to Shine to help young people like you learn and develop in different ways and based on the interests that you have. But, until we test some things, we won’t know how good it is, or what needs to be changed to make it better in future.

Roughly how much time commitment will I need to make?

We estimate that you will need to commit to between 2 to 4 hours every month.

How will sessions be run?

We are planning for all programmes to be delivered online using secure systems like Microsoft Teams. There may also be opportunities for sessions to be delivered in person.

I’m interested but I'm not yet 16, will there be opportunities like this in future?

We hope that in future we will roll out regular youth social action programme opportunities. If you’re not old enough, or ready yet to apply, but are interested, make sure you let your Chance to Shine coach know. They will be able to let you know when youth programmes are available.

English isn't my first language, will there be support if I'm struggling?

The programmes will be in English. However, if you are struggling with some of the language used, we will do what we can to support you.

I need some help with accessibility. Is there support for this?

Yes. If you need certain things in different formats just let us know and we will do our best to help you.

How will you ensure young people are safe and protected during the programmes?

We are committed to ensuring our safeguarding practices are robust and comply with best practice. For more information please read our Safeguarding Policy and visit the Governance section of our website. We have built in additional levels of protection for young people under the age of 18, such as regular communication with a parent, care-giver or guardian and a parent, care-giver or guardian being invited to all programme sessions.