We believe cricket has a vital role to play in the education of young people. We know through experience that cricket can be a powerful and lasting component of a young person’s learning and development, in turn bringing wider educational and social benefits.


Teachers report how cricket coaching sessions can help improve pupil attendance, behaviour, concentration, motivation and general attitude towards education.


Children learn how to co-operate with others by playing team sports. They learn to support their peers and this positive behaviour is often brought back into the classroom.

Fair play

When it comes to fair play, cricket is special. Using the Spirit of Cricket ‘fair play’ message, we teach young people to respect their team-mates, opponents and the umpire.


We provide competitive opportunities for children so they can aim high, work hard towards a goal and learn how to win magnanimously and to be dignified in defeat. They also build resilience to deal with, and bounce back from, setbacks.


Cricket has an amazing ability to cross cultural, social and gender divides. Boys and girls can play equally alongside one another. Cricket reaches all of our ethnic communities like no other sport. Cricket provides for those with disabilities, offering specially adapted games for those with physical and mental conditions.


Cricket insists on high standards of conduct and provides positive role models. Pupils respond well to the structure and laws of the game.

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