Too many children and young people are physically inactive and drop out of sport as they get older. Engaging children early on is vital to building a sporting habit for life.

A person’s attitude towards sport is shaped by their experience as a child, and many people drop out of regular sport before they even reach the age of 14. School is key – a positive experience of sport at school can contribute to a lifetime of participation and a negative experience may narrow perceptions of sport and put someone off forever.

No single approach works for all children but having fun while building basic physical literacy and confidence in abilities are the cornerstones of keeping children in sport.

Cricket can help children build the skills and confidence needed for a healthy life, while developing personal and social wellbeing.

The challenge to get children active:

    Many young people are missing out on the benefits of being active and playing sport

    • Health

    Children who are physically active are less likely to be obese or develop long-term illness, such as diabetes, as adults. At a time when over a third of Year 6 children are obese or overweight, it is more important now than ever to engage children early.

    • Education

    Attending a sport club outside of school time is linked with higher academic and behavioural outcomes in primary school.

    • Self-Esteem

    There is strong evidence that playing sport is linked to higher self-esteem and confidence, through feeling pride in learning new skills and over-coming challenges.

    • Mental and Social Wellbeing

    People who play sport and are a member of a sport club are more likely to be happy with their lives. There is growing evidence that sport is associated with lowered risks of depression and greater life satisfaction. A major public health study found it can protect children who have had difficult childhoods from developing mental health problems later in life. In a time where children are spending an increasing amount of their free time online, sport provides an important alternative activity that can tackle feelings of isolation and build a sense of belonging.