Download a copy of the rules of Street Cricket.


  • Teams are 6-a-side. Squads of more than 6 are allowed.
  • Games will use tapeballs and plastic or wooden bats are allowed.
  • Innings are a maximum of 20 balls per team unless the batting team is all out.
  • The last batter can bat on their own until they are out or their running partner is run-out, or until 20 balls have been bowled in the innings.
  • 5 players on the fielding team must bowl 1 over made up of 4 balls.
  • All the bowling is from one end – at the end of each over batters switch ends.


  • 1 run for hitting the side walls, the wall behind the wicketkeeper, or the ceiling.
  • 4 runs for hitting the wall behind the bowler if the ball touches the ground before hitting the wall and does not hit the side wall or ceiling first.
  • 6 runs for hitting the wall behind the bowler if the ball does not touch the floor, side walls or ceiling first.
  • 1 run each time batters physically run between the wickets. Batters can run byes, leg-byes, overthrows and when 1 or 4 runs are scored from hitting the wall.
  • No runs are scored from the ball hitting a wall from a bye, leg-bye or overthrow.
  • When a 6 is scored the ball is dead – batters cannot be caught out and cannot run.


  • All balls down the leg-side that batters do not touch will be called wide.
  • Wides on the off-side and bouncers over shoulder-height will be called at the umpire’s discretion if out of reach of the batters.
  • Full tosses above waist-height will be called no-balls, as well as front foot over the line of the crease.
  • The next ball after a front foot no-ball is a free-hit.
  • Wides and no-balls score three runs and the ball is not bowled again except in the last over of each innings.


  • Most standard forms of dismissal are valid – bowled, caught out, stumped, run out, handled ball, hit wicket, hitting the ball twice, obstructing the fielder.
  • The one exception is that you cannot be out LBW.
  • Batters can be caught out off the walls, off the netting between courts, or the ceiling -so long as the ball has not yet hit the ground.
  • Batters cannot be caught out off the wall if a 6 is scored.
  • If batters are caught or run out after hitting a wall, the runs scored for hitting that wall still count towards the batting team’s total.