Dear Chance to Shine Street Participants, Parents, and Guardians

We hope this finds you and your families safe and well during these challenging times. We know that all our brilliant Chance to Shine Street coaches are missing our weekly sessions and the enjoyment of spending time with participants and helping to develop their skills in a safe and fun environment amongst friends, and we know many of you will be missing these same sessions too.

We are continuing to work hard to come up with ways to keep our participants engaged and active whilst we are unable to deliver face-to-face physical street cricket sessions, below is your weekly update on some things coming up and some challenges that participants can get involved with right away.

Summary of Opportunities for Chance to Shine Street Participants and their Families (click on the links or scroll down for more info on each activity)

Week commencing June 7th:

1. Street Cricket Workout Video. Our third video is live on our YouTube channel, providing a 60-minute workout focussed on developing agility to support fielding and wicket-keeping. 

Other Engagement Opportunities:

2. Online Suggestion Box. Short survey to let us know what else we might be able to do to help whilst sessions are not deliverable.

3. Participant Challenges. We would like video clips submitted of participants being inventive playing cricket in and around their homes including adapted rules and equipment!

Coming Soon:

4. Virtual Street Meets. We will be piloting the concept of online get-togethers for Street project groups with their coaches in a safe online space the near future.

Interactive Events Coming Week Commencing June 7th!

1. Street Cricket Workouts

We continue our series of 5 Street Cricket themed workouts with the support of some of our Coach Workforce with our third video focussing on Agility with Coventry Street Coach Cormac Whelan which is now live on our YouTube channel

This series of five 60-minute exercise workouts are all linked to strengthening and conditioning in ways that we will align to key skills needed to succeed playing tapeball cricket through Chance to Shine Street – whatever skill they focus on they should provide a fun workout for anyone looking to stay active, keep fit and build strength in muscles and joints. They will be accessible and adaptable for young people stuck at home or able to exercise outdoors once per day under current government guidelines, and will be structured in a way that they can be done alone without equipment or can incorporate bats and balls as well as working with partners within your household.

This weeks video focusses on Agility, which is vitally important for fielding and wicket-keeping generally in cricket but especially in Street Cricket, with balls changing directions as they ricochet off walls and ceilings and wicket-keepers often having little space to stand back between stumps and back walls.

The first video focussing on building leg muscles, low-risk sweep shots, and running between wickets remains live on your YouTube channel:

The second video focussing  on Power, Stability & Alignment for Fast Bowling with Leicester Street Coach Dave Allen also remains live on our YouTube channel:

Other opportunities to engage with us:

2. Online Suggestions Box

We have created a small online ‘suggestion box’ in the form of a short survey where you can let us know any ideas you might have for how we can support participants while sessions are suspended due to COVID-19. Young Adult participants aged 18+ can complete this themselves. For children under the age of 18, we would appreciate parents and guardians completing this jointly with the participants – we want their thoughts and ideas but your permission for them to share them with us. Click this link to access:

3. Participant Challenges

You may have seen across social media there are many skills challenges participants can engage with, including many through our own social media channels in line with our Schools Programme. We wanted to create some challenges that were uniquely typical of the spirit of Chance to Shine Street – being flexible with rules, inventive with space, and creative with cricket.

We have two challenges we would like to set for participants of all ages:

  • We want short clips of participants playing cricket in your homes; however, you feel you can do so safely! It doesn’t need to involve a ball – it could be practising your action in the hallway or the alleyway by the side of the house; shadow batting in the kitchen with a rolling pin; or taking diving catches with rolled up socks on your bed! We will stitch these together to create a montage showing off your creativity and share across our social media channels. Please submit videos herePlease tell us at the start or end of the video the participants’ Name, Age and Location (City/Town is fine) – ideally with spelling for names so we get it right if we share! If you can change file names to include participant names, even better.

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure any games are safe and do not result in injury or damages to property!

  • We also want videos of any games you have created to play safely in your homes and/or gardens to recreate that cricket feel. Please explain in the video a brief overview of any rules and any equipment requirements, especially where you have had to be creative in the absence of bats and tapeballs! Please explain any rules you have created clearly - we will look to pick and choose our favourite rules offered up by the Chance to Shine Street community to create a new set of rules for “Quarantine Cricket”. Again please submit videos here

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure any games are safe and do not result in injury or damages to property!

Coming soon:

4. Chance to Shine Street Project Online “Street Meets” 

We will be piloting the concept of online get-togethers for Street project groups with their coaches in a safe online space the near future. This will only be feasible at a handful of projects where coaches are available due to furlough restrictions but if effective and popular with participants, we will aim to roll this out further when coaches are available.

I hope some of these developments prove popular and engaging for all our dedicated participants. We all wish we could be running our street cricket programmes face-to-face as usual with participants, but with that currently impossible we are looking at the best possible ways to keep everyone active and engaged.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Operations Manager Richard Joyce at the following email address (though please direct any ideas and suggestions to the online survey referenced above): [email protected]