How we support physical wellbeing 

We make physical education fun 

Through cricket, children develop a positive relationship with sport.

We make sport inclusive

We include everyone, from those who love sport to those who are less keen to get involved 

We help young people gain confidence 

Coaches ensure young people have a fun experience and develop their skills gaining the confidence and motivation to continue playing 

We target areas where cricket is needed most

We choose to work in areas where we know children are less active 

Fun for all 

According to Sport England’s Active Lives research, over 50% of children in England are not reaching the recommended amount of physical activity, and children are reporting fewer positive attitudes to sport and exercise. The World Health Organisation defines physical wellbeing as being a key factor when it comes to our overall health. Our programmes are designed to help children to develop positive attitudes towards sport. 

66% of Chance to Shine School participants strongly agree they enjoy taking part in exercise and sport, the national average for all children is just 47%. 

98% of Chance to Shine Street participants strongly agree they feel confident when they exercise and play sport, the national average for all children is just 35%.

Getting Girls Active  

With 1.9 million girls getting less than the recommended daily activity, our Girls Leadership Programme aims to break down the barriers that prevent them from engaging in sport. Find out the top tips from our Chance to Shine coaches to help girls get active:

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