Chance to Shine not only gives children the opportunity to play cricket but also to learn and develop through it. We believe that cricket can help children to build skills and characteristics that will benefit them throughout their life.

The Spirit of Cricket

The Spirit of Cricket values of fairness and respect, embedded throughout coaching and competitions, is a key draw for many schools who are working to instil the same values in their pupils.

Children are encouraged to play hard but to play fair and respect their teammates, opponents and coaches.

It is important that children learn to win well and to be dignified in defeat; something which is part of the culture of cricket.

Annelise Gooch at Dashwood Banbury Academy commented, “Superb coaches. Great teaching of moral and social skills through fair play, winning and losing, and the importance of respect.”

At Fairholme Primary School in West London, teacher James Watson has seen how children can change through the power of cricket:

It's had a whole school effect, it helped with behaviour and helped with respect and discipline.

Building life skills

As well as the values that are engrained within the sport, children can also develop wider skills and characteristics from playing cricket. 

We’ve seen how cricket can develop confidence and leadership skills, through feeling pride in learning new skills, overcoming challenges, working as a team and improving communication. Sport builds children's resilience and their ability to deal with setbacks as well helping them to adapt in pressure situations.

15 year old Rosanna Brown admits that she struggled with being shy at school but through playing cricket her confidence grew:

It's about enjoying your time and loving the game. It improves your social life. You make friends with people you might not normally meet.

Role models on the Street

Over three-quarters of Street participants surveyed said playing cricket at Street sessions had helped them develop as a person. Participants highlighted confidence, teamwork, motivation and drive as key ways in which Street has helped them.

Coaches were seen as vital to supporting this personal development, and many commented how important it was to have someone who believes in you and teaches you not to give up.