Support from Trusts and Foundations is vital to our work. Your trust can support a specific Chance to Shine project or you can allow us to use the donation where the need is greatest.

However you choose to support us, we will make sure your donation helps to improve the lives of young people through cricket and we will keep your trust or foundation updated in the format you prefer.


We can provide you with updates and reports, use your own reporting form and organise visits to the projects you’re supporting. We have a dedicated Trusts and Foundations manager who will help find a suitable project to benefit from trust or foundation support. 

Here are examples of how your funding can help: 


  • £1,000 – could provide specialist cricket coaching equipment for three coaches working with children with disabilities.

Teacher Training

  • £2,500 – puts 100 teachers through an ECB Cricket for Teachers course, enabling a sustainable cricketing culture to continue in 100 schools, far beyond the length of the Chance to Shine programme 

Blond Lad Slogging

  • £7,500 – puts 500 young people through the Chance to Shine programme for one year, allowing them to learn the joy of cricket – and the vital life skills of teamwork, discipline and respect – within the school environment

  • For further information, please contact our team on 020 7735 2881 or email us