Rock and roll legend Sir Mick Jagger is a long-time supporter of the game and of Chance to Shine’s work. In September 2018, Mick challenged the England and India teams to raise as much money for the charity as possible.

Mick pledged to back the players on both teams to the tune of £20,000 each time one of them scored a hundred or took five wickets and £10,000 if they scored a fifty or took three wickets. The game, which saw Alastair Cook score a magnificent century in his final match, ended with an England win and Mick’s donation totalled £190,000.

Speaking before the game, Mick said “I follow England - the game in general, in fact - from wherever I am in the world and thought this would be a fun way to make some money for Chance to Shine. It’s been an exciting series that has got people talking cricket so let’s reflect that; with every inspiring performance comes a new fan and the younger those fans are, the better it is for cricket’s future.”