Emma joined Chance to Shine in February 2021 as Diversity and Inclusion Manager. Having worked at Stonewall, Sainsbury’s and more recently the NHS, she is an experienced diversity and inclusion specialist with a particular focus on LGBTQ inclusion and race equity. Emma used her expertise to strategically support public, private and third sector organisations, nationally and globally, on their diversity and inclusion practices, as well as crime prevention planning in her role at Sainsbury’s. Emma served as a Police Officer within the Metropolitan Police Service, and after 8 very successful years, left in 2015. Emma is also a Trustee at LGBTQ Young Persons’ Trust, Mosaic.

As an accomplished speaker, Emma is passionate about the concept of intersectionality and the power of storytelling to move hearts and minds and believes that everyone has a role to play in creating social change.

Emma loves movies from the 80’s and early 90’s and will often watch the same things repeatedly without getting bored! She also enjoys running and is working her way up to a half marathon.

[email protected]