Friday 25 June, 10:30AM - Live Q&A with Jofra Archer and Chris Jordan

England stars Jofra Archer and Chris Jordan will be joining us for a special edition of Chance to Shine Live on Friday 25 June at 10:30AM! Read more

Monday 21 June - Head, Shoulders, Knees, Catch!

‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, Catch!’ will put children’s catching skills to the test! Read more

Tuesday 22 June - Bat Taps

This batting challenge will help children develop the skills to hit a moving ball. Read more

Wednesday 23 June - Hit The Targets

Today’s activity aims to help children become brilliant bowlers! Read more

Thursday 24 June - Cone Raiders

This activity will help children develop throwing accuracy towards a set target. Read more

Friday 25 June - Last Batter Stands

Today we’ll be revisiting our batting skills with the ‘Last Batter Stands’. Read more

Pick Your Team

The ‘Pick Your Team’ module helps young people to understand the importance of having a 'Team for Life'. Read more