Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week day three: You dancing?

By ben

Day three of Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week took place in a drenched Birmingham the day after the Royal London ODI series finished in Edgbaston. 

We popped into the Test Match Special box on Tuesday evening to help spread the word of Goochie Does Bollywood. One viewing later and Alec Stewart was soon waxing lyrical about Gooch’s moves to Aggers live on air.

We awoke the next day to see that the British summertime had truly deserted us and thanked our lucky stars that all of the activities were arranged inside for today.

We squelched our way to Bishop Challoner Catholic College where we were joined by Ravi Bopara, Charlotte Edwards and Jenny Gunn for the day.

First up, the players joined a classroom session, with kids learning from one of the lesson plans in the ECB’s Sri Lanka and India Schools Challenge. The children had to devise poems from some famous cricketing images of the last year. There were lots of great pieces of work but these poems by Josie Taylor, Livia Rytlewska and Ben Shroff really stood out.


A cricketing session was next of the agenda, ably taken by Kelly and Mark from the Warwickshire Cricket Board. They had the children, and cricketers, running all over the place in a great warm up drill which involved each member of the batting team completing every single run.

Ravi spent some time teaching the kids how to bowl a variety of different deliveries and before long even our own Claire Hall was joining in with the cricket. I think everyone in attendance would agree that her catching skills need some work though!

We finished off with a dance lesson taken by Reena from Bollywood Dance Dreams. I had been with Ravi for a phone interview and walked in to see Charlotte and Jenny in the middle of a full-fledged dance routine to ‘Jai Ho’.

Charlotte Jenny Dancing

In Jenny’s own words: “It’s safe to say that the pupils were much better we were. They all want me to use the dance as a wicket celebration from now on!”

We’d all better keep an eye out for some special celebrations the next time that Jenny takes a wicket…