Day 1. The week begins...

By ben

George Eliot

Welcome to Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week! Once again we will be blogging our way around the country as we celebrate the work of Chance to Shine in schools.

I’d love to say that the week began with us bathed in brilliant sunshine. Sadly, murky and drizzly was nearer the mark. We hoped up the Jubilee Line to George Elliot Primary School in St John’s Wood with Chris Tremlett and Mike Gatting lending their support for the morning.

We started off with a Q&A with the kids and it is safe to say that the children struggled to get past a certain towering subject with Chris.

Chance To Shine Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week At George Eliot Junior School St. John's Wood By Brendan Foster Photography © 2015 17

Questions included asking how tall he was; was any other cricketer taller than him; who is the tallest player he has ever played against and what was his shoe size. Unsurprisingly, Chris answered all of the questions with a smile and good grace.

The children then started learning about the five Ashes venues using the ECB’s Ashes Schools Challenge. Seeing as they are a stone’s throw from Lord’s, the kids could name the Home of Cricket with ease. 

By the end of the lesson the children were desperate to get outside and play cricket with their VIP visitors. Even the persistent drizzle couldn’t put them off. 

Mike managed to turn his arm over but both he and Chris fell victim to some powerful hitting from the Year 5 class.

The love for cricket was evident throughout the school and it was a struggle to stop the children from following Chris down the road at the end of the event.

After an interesting battle with the Birmingham traffic we can’t wait for a day in the midlands tomorrow where we will be joined by a famous number three…