Welcome to Day 5 of Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week! We hope you've enjoyed all the sessions so far.

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Click the link below to find our All-Rounder Challenge with cricketer Sam Billings and a brilliant baking session making some cracking, cricketing cupcakes:

PLAY - All-Rounder Challenge

LEARN - Cricket Ball Cupcakes

PLAY - All-Rounder Challenge

This is a race against the clock in three different disciplines to see if you can be a top all-rounder!

You'll need to be a Super Striker, a Brilliant Bowler and a Cool Catcher to see if you can rack up a high score.

Kent and England Cricketer Sam Billings will talk you through the challenge and set you a score to beat. Can you beat his score?

Check out the session plan here.

LEARN - Cricket Ball Cupcakes

One of the most famous parts of the game of cricket is a proper Cricket Tea! It’s a chance to stop half way through to reflect on the game so far, to chat to your team-mates and the opposition and of course to re-fuel!

This recipe is for some stunning cricket ball cupcakes but it is important to remember that these should be eaten as part of a balanced diet. Make sure that your cricket tea is nutritious and incorporates all of the important food groups.

Try out the recipe.