The Chance to Shine Awards are an inspiring evening where we celebrate those who have made notable contributions to spreading the power of cricket this year. The awards, supported by NatWest, will take place at Lord's Cricket Ground on Thursday 25 November. 

Awards categories

Primary School of the Year

Chance to Shine work in nearly 5,000 state primary schools across the country every year. This award recognises the school who has most closely taken on the values of Chance to Shine (Inspiring, Ambitious, Inclusive, Passionate and Fun) and is effective in supporting their pupils to take part in cricket.

We want to hear about what cricket has done for the pupils, how the teachers have embraced the sport and how the school continues to support pupils to play cricket after their Chance to Shine sessions have finished. 

Hear all about last years winner, St John Bosco Primary School

(To be eligible the school must have received the Chance to Shine Primary Schools Programme).

Secondary School of the Year

The Chance to Shine Secondary School Girls Programme aims to support teenage girls to develop their leadership skills through cricket. This award recognises the school that has embraced the programme to create leadership opportunities for their pupils, whether that is in partnership with local primary schools or with the wider local community.

We want to hear about the impact that cricket has had on the school, the new skills that pupils have learnt and any new leadership opportunities that have been created for pupils as a result of the programme.

Cambourne Village College won Secondary School of the Year in 2019. Find out why here.

(To be eligible the school must have received the Chance to Shine Secondary School Programme)

Schools Coach of the Year

This award recognises one of the 700 coaches who deliver inspirational Chance to Shine sessions in state schools across the country. Chance to Shine coaches are the most important ambassadors for the sport, they inspire so many children to take up cricket and play a crucial role in encouraging a child to develop a positive relationship with physical activity.

We want to hear about a coach whose fun, innovative and approachable style has ensured that all children in the class feel confident and comfortable to take part. They will also support and develop the teachers, to make sure that they too are learning during the sessions.

James Reid was last year's coach of the year, watch this video to find out why.

Street Coach of the Year

Chance to Shine Street coaches are more than just cricket coaches, they're role models and mentors to the children and young people that they work with. Street cricket projects take place in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the country and coaches need to know and understand the area that they work in to provide the best experience for the young people.

We want to hear how coaches have supported the personal, social and mental wellbeing of the participants as well as improving their cricket skills. Those who are being innovative and creative in bringing new participants to their sessions and making sure the young people want to come back every week.

Shahid Ali was named Street Coach of the Year 2020, find out why here.

Young Leader of the Year

We know that young people can play an incredibly powerful role in inspiring their peers. This award recognises one of these individuals who has taken on a leadership role, inspiring others and passing on their love and passion for the sport. 

We want to hear about individuals who have dedicated themselves to helping more young people become active and engaged, and inspirational stories of supporting others through lockdown.

The Young Leader could come from any Chance to Shine Programme, they may attend a Street session or have taken part in the Girls Secondary School Programme.

Find out why Faizah Hashmi won Young Leader of the Year 2020 here. 

Project of the Year

The Project of the Year award recognises a project that is going above and beyond to support the participants.

Nominations are welcomed from all areas of the Chance to Shine programmes. It could be an outstanding Street Project, an innovative approach to engaging schools or a Secondary School that has really taken on the values of cricket.

The award celebrates innovative and inclusive projects, that either brings communities together through cricket, or, encourages people who otherwise wouldn’t take part in cricket to give it a go.

See why the Easton Street Project that took home the award last year here.

Community Cricket Award

The Community Cricket Award recognises any outstanding work that supports children to continue playing cricket outside of school.

We want to hear how the transition for children into community cricket has been made easier, whether that is through an All Stars/Dynamos club or Chance to Shine Street project, and any benefits that have arisen from creating new community links.

Find out why Nottinghamshire Cricket Board won the Community Cricket Award in 2019.