Terms  & Conditions

  • Cash donations received starting from Thursday 27th May 2021 will be matched.
  • Only new gifts will be matched (instalments of existing recurring commitments will not).
  • Cash pledged (new regular gifts) set up during this period will be matched, but only up to their annual value to CTS e.g. a gift of £30 per month would be matched at £360 (£30 x 12 months). 
  • Purchases of merchandise, payment for events and auction items will not be matched.
  • Any gift from individuals, clubs, schools, companies, charitable trusts/foundations, miscellaneous donations arising from local fundraising activity etc. may be matched up to a maximum individual (gift) value of £5,000. 
  • For any gift larger than £5,000, the ‘first’ £5,000 will be matched.
  • Gift Aid received on donations will not be matched.

* The matched funding available during this period is limited to a maximum total of £100,000. Once this limit is met, we will no longer be able to match donations received.