Spirit of Cricket

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We’re working with Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) to teach young people to play hard, but play fair. 

We want children to play sport competitively, but in the right spirit and we believe that cricket is ideal for teaching young people respect. 

Respect for team mates, respect for the opposition and respect for officials. 

Since 2009, MCC has supported our efforts to embed the MCC Spirit of Cricket message into Chance to Shine schools through coaching and intra-school competitions.

Fair play 

Children compete for a Spirit of Cricket trophy - this year a special silver Ashes urn - and coaches encourage fair play at every stage, using stickers to reward sporting behaviour. From clapping opponents into bat to shaking hands with them after the match, whatever the result, good sportsmanship is recognised and rewarded.

We also provide coaches and teachers with an assembly resource and coaching cards to help promote the positive messages to the wider school. During the interactive assemblies, children discuss what it feels like to win and lose and how to show respect. 

Watch: our specially commissioned MCC Spirit of Cricket video to inspire children in their assemblies:

Case study 

We’re seeing some positive results both in the playground and in the classroom as a result of the scheme. A school in North Tyneside embraced the Spirit of Cricket to help pupils with behavioural special needs. 

Chance to Shine coach Rebecca Ayton decided to introduce special Spirit of Cricket lessons after she was seriously injured when a fight broke out between pupils in a PE lesson. 

Rebecca asked the students to think about how to make a person that loses a game feel better. She printed their suggestions on flash cards and gave them to members of the winning team after each game. They had to go to a member of the losing team, shake hand and say what was written on the card.

For the first time, the school entered a team into the local Kwik Cricket Festival and although they did not win the competition, they won the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ award by judges who were unaware of the team’s background story. 

Rebecca won Chance to Shine’s MCC Spirit of Cricket Award in 2012. Hear her talk about MCC Spirit of Cricket in this film:

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