Chance to Shine has increased its focus on evaluation to better understand the impact of our work, communicate this transparently and improve our programmes.

We worked with New Philanthropy Capital, an independent consultancy that supports charities, to develop a Theory of Change for our programmes. This identified six outcomes needed to achieve our mission to give all young people the opportunity to play and learn through cricket. These outcomes are the basis on which we measure our impact against. 

See our Theory of Change here 

While outcomes are centred on young people, they recognise the importance of key stakeholders, such as coaches, teachers and parents, to create opportunities and sustain delivery.

They are at the heart of everything we do, as shown in our Line of Sight below. We carry out research to understand how effectively we are working towards achieving these outcomes. In 2016, this included a survey of participants (2,500 School and 438 Street), focus groups with 130 young people, surveys and interviews with 575 teachers and detailed demographic analysis of participants.

Full screen view available here.

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