Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is taking place in England and Wales this year! The 10 best teams in the world are coming to this country and Chance to Shine are an official ICC Cricket for Good partner. As well giving away free tickets to schools, opportunities for school children to be anthem kids and flag bearers, Chance to Shine and the Cricket World Cup have develop some amazing resources for schools. Read more

CPD Surveys

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Fundraising for Chance to Shine in your school

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Cricket Inspires

Cricket Inspires is a campaign to bring ambassadors from the world of cricket back to schools across the country in what is a hugely important year for cricket. Ambassadors can have an incredibly inspiring impact on pupils and encourage to pursue the sport. Read more

Our Numbers

The headline stats behind the work done by Chance to Shine to spread the power of cricket in schools and communities across England and Wales. Read more

Join our club

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Contact Us

Contact Chance to Shine, the national cricket charity, who spread the power of cricket in state schools and communities across the country. Read more

Corporate Support

We are proud and privileged to have support from corporate partners who play a vital role in supporting the work we do to spread the power of cricket in schools and communities. Read more

Our reach

Since 2005, we’ve coached over 4 million children. Read more

Our challenge

Only 1 in 5 children get enough physical activity each day. Read more

Find Club Cricket

Find out more about the next steps of joining an All Stars Cricket centre or a local cricket club. Read more

Free school resources

Chance to Shine has built a powerful bank of free cricket teaching resources for primary schools so teachers can lead their own cricket sessions. The resources include lesson plans, instructional videos and top tips. Read more

Get cricket in your school

Here's how Chance to Shine can support your school in delivering cricket. Read more

Find Street cricket

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Other ways to give

Want to help Chance to Shine? You can support us in a range of ways including volunteering, making a gift-in-kind or leaving a legacy to the charity. Read more

Trusts and foundations

Support from Trusts and Foundations is essential to Chance to Shine’s work. Whether it’s through long-term commitments, localised funding or unrestricted gifts, partnerships with Trusts and Foundations are hugely important to helping us to grow as an organisation – and ultimately support more young people to play and learn through cricket. Read more

Corporate social responsibility schemes

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Volunteer opportunities

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How to volunteer

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Take on a challenge

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Schools fundraising

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