Stuart is the Operations manager for Chance to Shine with responsibility for Wales, South West and South England. He has been with the charity since 2005 and believes, then as now, that every child should have the opportunity to play cricket at school as part of their education.

He has fulfilled many roles in cricket both on and off the field, increasingly now as a parent watching his two young girls begin their cricketing journey.

He is incredibly proud of the County Boards he works with and the many great people that bring our vision to life.

He really understands the ‘power of cricket’ to change and improve lives having been diagnosed with a life limiting condition (cystic fibrosis) when young which was greatly ameliorated, both physically / and psychologically, by the opportunity to play cricket. That opportunity wouldn’t have been provided without having a state school that valued sport and a teacher (Pat Colbourne) who recognised his effort and desire.

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