Finding a game for Robert

Robert never thought P.E. was for him. Sport led to frustration; an environment where he would struggle to fit in. Then Chance to Shine came to Stanningley Primary. Read more

Life is better with...Cricket!

Across the country, young people have not only been missing playing cricket but have also been missing their friends. Aware of this, the Gloucestershire Cricket Board team were keen to help the young people they work with to feel a sense of normality when they returned to the projects in Bristol. Read more

Faizah's story

For a young woman from Birmingham, her cricketing family has helped her to manage her wellbeing. She’s now speaking out about her experiences to support others who are struggling with their mental health. Read more

Cricket crowned at Windsor

In the football-dominated city of Liverpool, it’s cricket that is providing a fun and inclusive way for young people to get active. Not only have the children enjoyed their PE sessions but they’re desperate for more opportunities to pick up a bat and a ball. Read more

Cricket burns bright in the Black Country

In the West Midlands, cricket took off during lockdown as the pupils joined in with our Cricket at Home sessions. The inclusive nature of the sport has helped all the children to get active and have fun. Read more

The Apprentice: You're hired

Forget the drama of the boardroom, the up-and-coming talents of Chance to Shine are out on the playground and in sports halls around the country. One-in-three Chance to Shine Street coaches were once participants and in Bristol a young cricketer is the next to follow that path. Read more

Hospital Schools

Spending time in hospital due to illness can be a very difficult and scary experience, particularly for children, and often means missing out on mainstream school and the opportunity to take part in physical activity. For those children, attending a Hospital School can help to reduce the impact of their illness on their education. Read more

"Cricket was a no-brainer"

Abel Smith School has built a cricketing community and the sport is bringing together children and parents to benefit from the sport Read more

The power of positivity

Noor Talib, a participant at Redbridge Rangers Street project was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 2017. Whilst she was receiving treatment, Noor was unable to play cricket but once she had gone into remission, returning to the Street project was the first thing she wanted to do. Read more

IWD 2021 - Jo Herbertson

Jo Herbertson is a Secondary School teacher and sports coach, currently working with Cheshire Cricket Board as Women and Girls Club Development Officer. In January - March 2021, Jo co-hosted the Chance to Shine Live sessions, helping children to stay active during lockdown. To celebrate International Women's Day 2021, Jo has written about how she became involved in sport. Read more

Marianne goes full circle

Marianne Lea, a teacher at St Agnes C.E. Primary School in Manchester was given a taste for cricket at her local club. However when the club relocated their training session Marianne was unable to attend sessions and no longer played cricket. when a Chance to Shine coach visited her school in 2010, everything changed. Read more

Street in Lockdown - Masoor Khan

Masoor Khan leads three sessions at City Academy Bristol. Masoor was furloughed during the first lockdown but was raring to go when he returned to work. We spoke to him about the impact that lockdown has had on Easton Street and what it was like when Read more