Free to be me

Every Friday evening, young girls in Sunderland peer out their windows, awaiting the bus that will take them to Young Asian Voices (YAV). After a long week, coming together and playing cricket in a safe, community space is just the opportunity they need. A chance to run free. Read more

A remarkable journey

On February 24 2022, Marharyta and her family had their lives changed forever. Early morning silence in the city of Brovary, in the suburbs of Kyiv, was shattered as missiles rained down from the sky, jolting her five children from their beds. Read more

More than just cricket

The room is filled with cheer as a group of former participants return to The Way Youth Zone in Wolverhampton. Whilst they may have effectively graduated from this Street project, which caters for eight - 16 year olds, many now play at local cricket clubs in the area. Read more

Getting girls active

With 1.9 million girls getting less than the recommended daily activity, our Girls Leadership Programme aims to break down the barriers that prevent them from engaging with sport. Two Chance to Shine coaches share their top tips for doing just that: Read more

The only way is cricket

The main playground at Gascoigne Primary sits on a rooftop high above the streets of Barking, offering panoramic views of East London. This is one of the largest primary schools in the country, but certainly not your usual setting for cricket. Read more

Bridging the gap

Earlier this year, the Chance to Shine Street Development Pilot Programme was launched in partnership with Surrey Cricket Foundation. Read more

Creating the Right Environment

On a Saturday morning, Thornton Heath Leisure Centre is a sea of smiling faces. Across four high tempo street sessions, up to 140 young people experience the joy of cricket every week. Read more

Street in Rochdale

Chance to Shine Street projects are located in areas where children and young people have fewer opportunities to play, in venues that are safe and easily accessible. This is how Chance is Shine is using Street cricket to help young people get active in Rochdale. Read more

Coach Billy

Bilal Hussain was one of the first people to join a Street project in Nottingham. In his words, here is why Chance to Shine Street was the perfect opportunity to be involved with the sport. Read more

Finding a game for Robert

Robert never thought P.E. was for him. Sport led to frustration; an environment where he would struggle to fit in. Then Chance to Shine came to Stanningley Primary. Read more

Life is better with...Cricket!

Across the country, young people have not only been missing playing cricket but have also been missing their friends. Aware of this, the Gloucestershire Cricket Board team were keen to help the young people they work with to feel a sense of normality when they returned to the projects in Bristol. Read more

Faizah's story

For a young woman from Birmingham, her cricketing family has helped her to manage her wellbeing. She’s now speaking out about her experiences to support others who are struggling with their mental health. Read more